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"These are not paintings of animals, so much as they are portraits of companions that a family or a person has committed their soul to.  Wendy has created perfection and enhanced the gift of our animal's character for us.  It's obvious it can only be done with a deep knowledge of her medium and passion for the animal itself."

— Ann Jackson
Certified Canine Behaviour Consultant,
Motivation Dog Trainer

Cady & Bruin

"Our dogs are very precious to us and to have an artist be able to create a portrait that brings their personality out is truly amazing.  Wendy's detail of the dogs just jumps out to you.  The eyes are so full of life, and even their mouths seem wet.  The painting wil be a family heirloom that will keep Cady and Bruin in our hearts forever."

— Rob & Michelle Dorman
Human companions of Cady and Bruin

Duncan & Emily

"These beloved creatures are only with us for a short time on this earth.  To honour their spirit through a portrait of Wendy's is one of the best things you can do for yourself, a friend, or a family member."

— Jan and Uli Jeske
Human companions of Duncan and Emily

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