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I've painted over 70 canine portraits and never cease to be moved and inspired by my subjects.  What is it about our dogs? They are animals, but live happily in our world. The bond between us is like no other.  The pure exchange of sentiment is of enormous proportions.  We are seduced by their sweetness and "cuteness".  As an artist, to indulge oneself in this realm of sentiment is considered to be risky business. There is a fine line as to when the work becomes too syrupy and "cute".  Choosing the dog as my subject has forced me to come to terms with this challenge.  I'm able to enter this world of endearment, paint a portrait for you, maintain it's integrity while still capturing the very important sentimental aspect of your beloved dog.

A word regarding my art education.  My mother, Mildred Grossman, was an artist and my first teacher.  She gave me the gift of "seeing".  I grew up in Great Neck, NY and in my teens studied with Charles Seide (of The Cooper Union) in his Great Neck studio.  As a gifted teacher he stirred artistic passion within me at a young age.  My formal art training was at The School Of Visual Arts (NYC).  Here I must mention James McMullen for directing me towards finding my personal style.

I currently reside in Vancouver, Canada with my husband, John, my son, Montana, and Mookie (the Jack Russell currently featured on my web site) and her brother Spike. I was featured on a segment of Pet Friends and interviewed by Dave Gary for CityTV. In 2002, Sara Jewell wrote a column on her web site, Big Brown Dog about the evolution of my portrait work.  I am pleased to include Vancouver TV and Radio host Jennifer Mathers and Vancouver Canucks' CEO Brian Burke among my satisfied customers.  All previous work have been done in watercolour and I am currently accepting commissions in oils as well.

Every commissioned portrait is a unique and personal experience for each client and myself.  We begin wih a relaxed consultation and photo session, giving me a sense of who you dog really is.  This enables me to create a portrait that captures your dog's true physical likeness, essence and personality.  When it is not posssible to meet in person, clear photos and input from someone close to the dog works well.  We then determine size, price, number of subjects, mood, colours, setting, and other details.  A deposit is then required.

By the time we review the photos and I present 2-3 rough drawings, I'm usually intimate enough with you and your dog to know what you want.  It truly becomes a collaborative process that is rewarding and wonderful for both of us.

Upon viewing the finished portrait for the first time, my clients are usually overwhelmed by emotion and gratitude.  For this is the very reason they have commissioned a portrait in the first place.  The deep feelings they have for their dog goes beyond words.  They now have this permanent loving image looking back at them, and this is priceless.  Client satisfaction is quaranteed.

Arrangements for pick up or delivery are made individually with each client.  Upon final approval, the remainder of the fee is due, or payments can be made as the painting progresses.

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